Our Goals

The overall goal of our projects is to reduce poverty through the provision of essential educational services to socially and economically challenged communities. In order to achieve this goal, we are guided by the following specific objectives:

  • To improve the teaching skills and the subject based competences of teachers in various communities through organizing subject mastery centered training.
  • To empower less privileged women through developing their entrepreneurial skills and give them start-up capital to set-up small scale businesses.
  • To improve learning conditions through the construction of libraries at centralized locations in various communities.
  • To contribute to sustaining peace in Liberia through the teaching of peace building skills at the community and school level.
  • To promote awareness on disease control and prevention through our peace clubs at the school and community levels.
  • To inform our friends, supporters, donors, and others about the living conditions, needs and hopes of the Liberians.
Volunteer teacher workshop school liberia
Wilfred and the former Liberian Minister of Education, Mr. Joseph Bah

Project Strategies and Approach to Sustainability

In our quest to provide essential educational and empowerment services to the Liberians, we are aware of the severe competition in the search for donor funds. However, the following are our unique strategies which have made our projects sustainable over the years.

  • Our projects are designed with the inputs of the local community. Thus, they take the lead in the implementation of our projects which makes them take ownership of the projects after our initial involvement.
  • We allow our project communities to provide inputs. The construction of our communities’ school library for example, was supported by the community members who provide labour and land.
  • We enrich our volunteers with culture experiences. While working with us, volunteers are taught how to prepare African meals, are taken through some interesting tourism areas or they enjoy days-off along the wonderful Atlantic Ocean in Monrovia. This is our contribution to the volunteers' lives.
  • We are always focused on minimizing the costs of our projects. For instance our teaching & learning materials throughout the subject mastery workshops can easily be made by the teachers.
  • Our projects are fully participatory and democratically organized. We encourage our volunteers, donors, and friends to make inputs to our projects.
  • We keep our friends, supporters and donors informed about the impact their contributions have made on the lives of our targets through regular reports and testimonies from the beneficiaries.
National Curriculum Mathematics Liberia
National Curriculum Mathematics


03/12/18 The International Astronomical Union supports us with 2000€.

28/08/18 Meeting at University of Liberia

26/08/18 Tilman arrived in Liberia

29/05/18 "About Us" updated

01/09/17 Wilfred's book "Flourish: Worrier to Winner" will be out soon: https://jwilfredzeon.villagetales.com

Meeting with representatives of the Department of Math, Physics, and of the Liberian Science Foundation.


School Experiments project completed (Oct 2016).

Workshop 2014
Workshop 2014


“We as teachers need this training every year.”

“I want to thank god for this training. May god bless you for this.”

“I pray that this will not be the first and last time. God bless 2H Net.”

“I love the training and hope to see such a training again.”

“I wish to attend another workshop with your organization.”

“I thank God for every minute and hour for this workshop and hope it can be repeated.”

“I appreciate the workshop and pray that you cover the entire Liberia.”

Concept Paper
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Volunteer Application Form
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