Our work with the teachers focuses on the following projects:

The Help A School Project (HAS)

Teacher Workshop 2010
Teacher Workshop 2010

The Help a School Project aims at  improving the capacity of schools in rural and deprived communities. We organized annual subject mastery workshops every year. During these workshops, we focus on the science subjects.  The trainings usually take place during vacations. Besides the core subject elements, we add effective classroom management, lesson planning, teaching methodologies, school administration. etc

Essential Education Supplies (EES)

Providing Teaching Supplies
Providing Teaching Supplies

Technology has even made teaching and learning a fun. However, the infrastructure for technological boost in Liberia is still way behind. It's easy to see high schools and even colleges with no libraries and laboratories for practical. The EES is to use simple and easy and handy teaching and learning materials to breach the gap.  We used less cost (as far  $US1) to assemble easily made teaching aids. We sure our teachers how to prepare and use these.


This year(2019),  we will receive a grant from the International Astronomical Union to prepare more teaching learning materials.

Peace Building & Conflict Management Program (PBCM)

Each year, students in the final classes of Junior and Senior High Schools, sit joint regional exam administer by the West Africa Examination Council. The exams are mainly in the areas of science, math, English, etc. We support students who are preparing for these exams by organizing tutorials. During these tutorials, we teach the students how to approach questions and manage the their time to perform well during the exams. We also recruit volunteers who work as teaching assistants to the Liberian counterparts and preparing the students. Our volunteers have found these pairing to be exciting our the years.


03/12/18 The International Astronomical Union supports us with 2000€.

28/08/18 Meeting at University of Liberia

26/08/18 Tilman arrived in Liberia

29/05/18 "About Us" updated

01/09/17 Wilfred's book "Flourish: Worrier to Winner" will be out soon: https://jwilfredzeon.villagetales.com

Meeting with representatives of the Department of Math, Physics, and of the Liberian Science Foundation.


School Experiments project completed (Oct 2016).

Workshop 2014
Workshop 2014


“We as teachers need this training every year.”

“I want to thank god for this training. May god bless you for this.”

“I pray that this will not be the first and last time. God bless 2H Net.”

“I love the training and hope to see such a training again.”

“I wish to attend another workshop with your organization.”

“I thank God for every minute and hour for this workshop and hope it can be repeated.”

“I appreciate the workshop and pray that you cover the entire Liberia.”

Concept Paper
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